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Please ensure you bring familiar items to your pet that you have already deemed “safe” for them to have unattended.

Please do not bring your favorite items in case they are lost or destroyed.

Items listed are optional – you can bring your pet without any “luggage”.

  • Up to 3 meals per day of own food in pre-measured individual baggies with their name on each bag. Pack at least 2 extra bags in case your stay is delayed or extended.

  • Treats (optional) Chews will be left with pet unattended and are provided at your own risk.

  • 1 item of Washable Bedding (optional) No stuffing
  • 1 -2 Toys(no toys with stuffing)

  • Medications/Treatments (if needed). Must be provided in original container. -Do not put medicine in food baggies

  • Flat or Rolled Collar & Leash displaying Rabies Tag and State Dog License(we do not allow choke/prong collars to be worn in the kennel enclosure).

                       Label all items with your pet's name.
Have questions on what to pack? Call us.

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