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Hound Hollow prefers you provide your own pet's meals and we always feed according to your instructions up to 3 times a day. We will also monitor and record your pet’s intake and contact you if there are concerns about appetite. Please pack food in pre-measured baggies for each meal to eliminate measuring errors, please put your dog's name on each bag.

Pack two extra days food in case your extend your vacation or your plans to return home are delayed.  I do my best to return all your bags for future use.

If you prefer we feed you pet that is not a issue. We feed Fromm Family Food products. Our house food is Fromm Adult Gold dry or canned  Chicken meat.

Canned meats in single serving cans or packets only, labeled with your pet’s name. Prescriptions diets can be in regular sized cans.

Raw meats (BARF Diet) must be frozen in single serving Ziploc bags. Keep at least one feeding defrosted, for your pet’s next meal. Please, put your pet's name on each bag.

We do have a refrigerator/freezer for perishable dog food.


We will administer medications to your pet if you provide the original medication container that has the medication name, medication dosage, and instructions on the label. Please be prepared to explain the purpose of the medication, duration of use, and inform us of any side effects that need to be monitored.

*We will not accept responsibility for a pet that has life-sustaining medication, but we are happy to administer maintenance medications. We do not administer insulin injections.


We will review and record how each pet is doing on each morning of their stay. We will make adjustments to their schedule, feeding, and medications based on any changes or concerns. We always contact you with any concerns/questions and to keep you updated on your pet’s wellness. You can trust that we care.
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