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Fence Fighting Dogs
A fence fighter is a dog that lunges, jumps, and barks at the dogs housed in the adjacent kennels. Fence fighters also grab the fencing with their teeth and stick their noses through the chain links. Sometimes this behavior is playful and sometimes it is aggressive. When we encounter fence fighters we do the best that we can to control this behavior. For example, we may limit the dog’s freedom or move the dog to another kennel. It is generally not possible to completely eliminate the behavior; therefore, should a fence fighter break a tooth, scratch its nose, or in any way injure itself, Hound Hollow Boarding Kennel will not be held liable. Furthermore, clients who board dogs with us that are fence fighters will be held liable for all damage caused to our kennel and any injury that the dog may inflict upon itself or other pet’s while here.

We at Hound Hollow have the right to reject any dog that we feel might bite any human or other animal on the property, or cause damage to our facility. If you have a reservation and your dog arrives and is aggressive he/she will not be admitted into the kennel facilty. Any deposits are forfeited.

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