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After Boarding Experiences

Your dog might experience all or none of the following.

Some dogs are so active at the kennel they go home and sleep for a few days, this is completely normal.  Here there is lots of activity all day long. Many pet's are couch potatoes and are just not used to this kind of activity throughout the day.

Soft stools... this can be from many things... change in diet, water, surroundings and the additional stress that your pet is just not used to, on a daily basis.

Sore muscles, limbs, warn down nails, minor cuts, warm pads are all caused by the concrete and fencing that again your dog is not used to. Dogs pace, they go in and out of the kennel runs all the time.  When one dog goes out, then entire pack tends to follow. Many dogs don't get the chance to run free in a large fenced area, muscles can get sore. Once again, this all depends on your dog's personal activity level.

Some dogs potty inside where they sleep, some walk in their own mess. See our Dirty Dog Policy We try our best to make sure your pet stays clean. We pressure wash our kennel runs outside and mop/disenfect inside as often as needed.  Hot, humid, rainy days are difficult as concrete doesn't dry.  Again, we do our best. Urinating from excitment happens occasionally when dogs are departing, this is out of our control.

Some dogs might even cough or gag. This does not mean they have kennel cough. They have been going in and out of the heat/air conditioning for days and temperture changes can cause these reactions. Dogs even dunk their heads in their water buckets or the kiddie pool when filled in the play yard. Many dogs leave hoarse from constant barking. They will regain their bark in a few days.

If your pet experiences any of the above, give them a few days to recover.  Think about how you feel when you return from a vacation or if you ran a 5K race and never did before. If the behavior continues more then a week contact your veterinarian.

Thank you again for trusting me with your pet. I am honored and pleased to be able to give your pet the best care I can.

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